Consulting for growth

Filling your management gaps

growth keeps every entity, company or person alive. why?

Growth is the basis for any existence. Human beings are growing, knowledge is growing, opportunities are growing, the world we are living in is growing. Hence growth is not solely meant to be for revenue, profit or other economic number, but it is to a very large extent. Often some people, managers or politicians claim that we don't need to grow; and that the desire to grow is a sort of greediness. They claim that we can survive with less or without growth. That might be true, we can survive. But don't we want more than just surviving?

In some circumstances survival is an achievement. Hence the first question a manager needs to ask is “Is this a survival battle?” If yes, then use all what you have to survive. If not, then grow. Because if you are not growing everybody else is, so you shrink. The human nature wants more, better quality of life, more wealth, more, more and more. And that is not greediness; it is the desire to improve oneself, one’s work, company, community, country and yes to improve the world.

Translating the former desire of growing within an ecosystem, means that unless our aim is to grow, we are not following a sustainable strategy and we’ll end up defending market share, position, patents, assets, but not adding value to the ecosystem. This will lead eventually to a disruption from an external player. Think of Amazon, iTunes, PayPal or google to mention few, who did disrupt the well established market by solving a problem that the "old" ecosystem could or did not want to address.

We live with the strong believe that focusing on growing is a guarantee for any company or organization to push itself to innovate up to disruption and hence to continue adding value to its customers. In other words, if we consult for growth we constantly remind our clients of the importance of growth and we contribute to our client’s future in the mid to long term future beyond the here and now.

Why Consulting4Growth?

In the world of digital business the gap of skills required and available in the organizations is increasing. It won't be possible to own all the required resources in-house. And it might be unnecessary as well. 

Hence we from Consulting4Growth are offering your business to fill your gaps required to plan and execute your growth.

Our focus / scope:

In a first stage our focus is on start-ups or new business developments in larger companies, and medium enterprises with revenue from 100 to 500 million.

[For smaller organizations we consider ourselves not capable addressing the local needs often most relevant for this assignment. As of for larger cooperations we see ourselves not scalable enough to go to all the level of details often required for a consultation for growth.]

In term of industries we are open for all industries as long they match our understanding of fair and transparent business. Our experience lies in industries like telecom, IT, Industrial automation, energy to mention a few.

In terms of geographical coverage we start with Europe, the US, the Middle East and some selected Asian countries. We intend to grow our network to reach a global coverage.

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