Investigate marketing automation

The main challenge in B2B sales cycles is that the timing where selling entities get involved in the purchase process are much later than what they used to be 5 years ago. In other words, it is often unclear that customers have purchase intentions, while they search and educate themselves using the Internet.

The solution to close that gap between when customers want to buy and when they tell their potential suppliers is to introduce marketing automation, a tool that allows organizations to observe who and how users and from which organizations are searching their web content. This is an effort that requires change and often it is debated if it is worth it. Consulting4Growth can help you find out.

Our approach: Consulting4Growth would check if there is a mismatch in the buying pattern and the sales cycle of the client. This would be done through few interviews with the Sales and Marketing professionals at few representative sites. Based on the results the potential and effort of marketing automation would be assessed. This will be done in consideration of the used CRM and Go-To-Market channels.

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