Manage customer experience

Companies are often serving customers for years on a transnational basis. Whenever customers send orders, do payments (or maybe not), when they use services, service providers have the opportunity to collect information about the customer experience. Very few companies do. Taking a personal experience as an example for where the experience was broken. At certain interaction with Aribnb I did a booking for an accommodation in Berlin for a certain date, so the company should be aware of me having booked an accommodation in a certain period. Now another campaign kicks in, which is trying to promote accommodations in Berlin in the same period, indicating that I did search in that period, so they offer me a 10% discount on accommodation for that same period where I did already have a booking. In that case I feel disappointed that I did not benefit from the promotion and Airbnb did waste marketing resources in confusing a relative loyal customer. 

Similar examples can be found in the B2B world and often service provider loose their ability to treat customers as more than transactions and less than companies. The risk is that they loose insights and may get unsatisfied customers over time.

Consulting4Growth can help in building the customer experience and in probing if there is enough attention is managing a rewarding customer experience that leads to a loyal customer.

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